Self-Determination Independent Facilitation Services

The California statewide Self – Determination program (SDP) is a voluntary alternative to the traditional way of providing regional center services. SDP is being developed by the Department of Developmental Services (DDS), to allow participants to have more control over selecting their services and supports. C ’e Bella can support you as your independent facilitator in your advocacy and freedom of choice in how you live, and how your are supported. 

What is Independent Facilitation?

An independent facilitator (IF) is an individual who facilitates the Person Centered Planning (PCP) process in collaboration with the person.

What is a PCP?

An approach to determining, planning for, and working toward the preferred future of a person with developmental disabilities and her or his family. It is also a planning tool to help a person make decisions about you’re their life, which is based on an awareness of, and sensitivity to, the lifestyle and cultural background of the participant and his or her family. An independent facilitator can support you in
advocating in your plan choices.

Role of an Independent Facilitator 

In order to support you in your advocacy, an Independent facilitator will: Personally know, or get to know the person with a disability

Help the person with a disability with all pre – planning activities and assist in inviting participants chosen by the person to their meetings 

Assist the person in choosing planning tools, resources and information to be used in the PCP process

Support the individual to facilitate their own PCP meetings, or facilitate the meetings if the person chooses 

Ensures the person with a disability directs the PCP process, and provide needed information as requested 

Make sure the person is included, heard and understood 

Keep the focus of the meetings, supports and services on the person

Develop the PCP in partnership with the person, and ensure it expresses their personal goals

Use clear, concise and plain language to communicate with the person

Who can be an Independent Facilitator? 

An advocate 

Someone you Trust 

Someone who puts your needs FIRST 

Someone other than your Case Manager, or Service Coordinator 

A member of your family (Spouses cannot serve as a paid IF, and parents cannot be an IF for a child under 18 years of age)


What is the C’e Bella Difference?

We assign you an independent facilitator to support you, and also work as a team ensure all of your needs are met, and provide consistency in support 

Each independent facilitator is: 

Trained in Independent facilitation 

Trained in mandated reporting 

Trained in resources and supports available 

Background checked for safety 

How do I get an Independent Facilitator?

If you are interested in having C ’e Bella support you as your independent facilitator, please call us at 760-610-5391 or toll free at 833-610-5391. C ’e Bella will not only support you with an independent facilitator, but we also work as a team to make sure you are supported in your advocacy. We work as a team to make sure you receive consistent supports.